Motiva Implants with integrated microtransponder provide maximum patient safety

Motiva is the first implant in the world that, optionally, includes Q Inside Safety Technology™. This technology gives women the power to verify that they have been implanted with their choice of technology and to verify the implant quality throughout time.

A patient’s decision to undergo breast augmentation or reconstruction us often based on a variety of factors including the safety of silicone and silicone gel-filled breast implants. Now, patients can have increased peace of mind by choosing Motiva breast implants with Q Inside Safety Technology™.
Q Inside Safety Technology™ was cleared by the U.S. FDA in 2004 as a Class II medical device, and the technology is used as an electronic serial number to safely identify breast implants from outside of the body in physician’s office to help ensure patient safety.

Q Inside Safety Technology™ provides the patient access to implant-specific data such as serial number, manufacturer name, date of manufacture, lot number, and other data through a secure micro-transponder.
Currently, Motiva is the only implant with this revolutionary technology, which puts our products at the forefront of the market. Motiva provides Safety through Innovation for the benefit of women worldwide.

Learn more through our Motiva Innovations section.

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