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Breast Cancer Awareness

About one out of eight women in the US is diagnosed with breast cancer and the rate increases over time. The problem becomes more serious when many women don’t realize that they already have cancer and fighting it becomes harder. In order to attack cancer on time is recommended to perform breast self exams once […]

Work out your chest

Today I feel like sharing with you some easy exercises that you can do at home, which will actually help enhance your pectoral area and, therefore, improve the look of your chest after breast augmentation. Why? Well I’m a believer that exercise should always be part of our lifestyles as it can not only tone […]

Bra Size: The eternal conflict!

Most women love shopping! In my case, if there’s one thing I would rather avoid is buying bras. If it was as easy as choosing from 3 different sizes, life would be much less complicated, but instead we find so many sizes and different options to choose, whether it’s a half cup, push-up, padded, unpadded, […]

Most common breast implants myths answered

1. All breast augmentations look fake. Not true. If the implant chosen by you and your surgeon fits your body and tissues, the breast augmentation should provide you a nice natural appearing result. You and your surgeon need to have an active communication, in which you would have to explain as much as possible (even […]

What size of breast implant should you choose?

Take a Peek If you are considering breast implants we assume you have been checking different pictures of many women with the ideal breast size you want. If not, this should be your first step to come up with your implant size. Before you start on that, let’s make something clear here. You need to […]

Post-op: What you need to know

Today we want to consider the main post-op tips so your breast implant surgery is successful and you get a fast recovery. We consider the main information source should always be your doctor and also you should know all surgeries have a different impact, depending on various factors, thus we highlight the importance of maintaining […]

Reasons why women decide to get breast implants

We want to discuss about the motivation for many women to have breast surgery. Let’s be honest. We just have to turn on the TV, open any magazine or dive a couple of minutes in the internet to see women of different ages and shapes getting close to perfection. Sounds like science fiction but today’s […]

What you should know about Breast Augmentation

History of breast implants: Initially, breast implant shells were particularly “thin” to approximate a more natural feel, but their durability was limited. Early implants were also traditionally under filled which could result in more frequent implant rupture. Aggressive implant texturing was developed to maximize implant positioning, and address a painful hardening of the implant that […]