Bra Size: The eternal conflict!

Most women love shopping! In my case, if there’s one thing I would rather avoid is buying bras.

If it was as easy as choosing from 3 different sizes, life would be much less complicated, but instead we find so many sizes and different options to choose, whether it’s a half cup, push-up, padded, unpadded, lace, supportive, and the size variation between brands and styles is amazing.

In fact, recent studies determined that up to 80% of women around the world are wearing the wrong bra size, me included!

So lets’ face it, it is a bit frustrating to know that many of us even have different bra sizes in our own wardrobe without really knowing which one should be the correct size.

If your scenario is similar to mine, I encourage you to continue reading.

The other day I discovered a website called in which you only have to enter the measurements of your torso and the website automatically provides you with your correct bra size. I even tried it myself! With a measuring tape I entered the “below”, the “bust” and the “above” size, resulting in a 32C American size, or a 70D European size.

I know when skepticism reaches the highest levels, you don’t really think an automated tool will give you the correct answer. I even visited further the nearest lingerie store and tried on about 5 different types of bras. Result: all of them fit perfectly!

I really suggest you to try it and share with us your experience. At least I feel knowing the correct bra size can help us make easier our next shopping experience. Instead of deciding on the bra size, think about which one you like the most at a store or online!

Curious? Check out.

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