What size of breast implant should you choose?

Take a Peek

If you are considering breast implants we assume you have been checking different pictures of many women with the ideal breast size you want. If not, this should be your first step to come up with your implant size.
Before you start on that, let’s make something clear here. You need to browse pictures of women who are similar to your physical frame. If your height is 5’8″ you cannot expect you are going to look like a woman whose height is 5’2, so please make sure you are referring to women images that are similar to you. What can be big for a woman can be too small for another.

Internet has a lot of before and after pictures where you can see some different results. Remember the more images you see, the better idea you get on the size.

Rice Test

There is one test you can do at home before visiting your surgeon office. It’s called the Rice test, and it’s perfect to determine how much you want to enlarge your breast. You can see full instructions on the test on this website. This is not an exact result of how your implants are going to look after surgery but you can get an idea of how you can look with a bigger breast size.

Trying different sizers

You can visit your surgeon office and try different breast implant sizers with your bra until you get a better perspective on the size. Let’s tell the truth. This is not the exact way of how you are going to look after surgery but it can be a great help. Also you can start discussing with your surgeon about sizes.
Communication, please! Among all the steps you can follow to determine breast size, there’s one big step that is the main key to obtain the look you want and that is: communication with your surgeon. When you visit your surgeon we suggest you to bring as many pictures, as you can on the size you like. Also, describe as much as possible how you want to look. Consider if you are looking to obtain the most natural look, or if you want to have a high projected cleavage. Every detail count so make sure you are covering all your enquiries with your doctor. The size decision should be taken as a team between you and your doctor, and if you are still unsure of the size, you should take more time before you get the procedure.


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